Hi there! Thanks for finding the time to check out my web 🙂

My name is Marjan Kjurinov. I’m a self-taught English speaker, and I’ve been an online ESL tutor since 2013. My focus throughout the years has been on developing the best self-learning method, and I can certainly say I’m already mastering the field. As a matter of fact, I’ve just recently started writing a self-help guide book for ESL learners.

I also have extensive experience in ghostwriting, and I’d be happy to partake in additional projects of any kind. For any suggestions or offers, feel free to contact me at: live:kjurinov

I am doing plenty of other things during the day as well, amateur photography and video production being the most common of them. CuvCuvImaging is the name under which I sign my work. There are numerous places where I post my photos as well, but this one over here is my pivot project and as such most lively maintained. And here, I’m sharing some of my most beloved work for the world to see. Some of the photos are free for download and free of all licenses, for personal, commercial or editorial usage (credit would be kindly appreciated 🙂 ).

As much as I know – I taught myself through the internet, but also trial and fail, of course, starting in the Autumn of 2014. So in my blog section I will try to share as much as I can – whenever I can, and highly appreciate every purchase that goes straight into supporting my work, thus allowing me do devote more time for more quality posts. My main goal is to share cool tips & tricks, especially for a low-budget working environment.

I’m always open for collaboration on a photo/video shoot or project of any kind. If you like my work let me know at:

cuvcuv [at] code-block [dot] com

Since I post only my most favorite shots here, maybe you’d like to browse through some of my other public profiles where you can enjoy my work and support me in the process:







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