Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. This is the official CuvCuvImaging thread of the world wide web. There are numerous places where I post my photos as well, but this one over here is my pivot project and as such most lively maintained.

I am a passionate all-day photographer. I find glancing through a lens a rather astonishing opportunity to capture and tell a story. Even the most boring piece of paper with some pixels in it holds a story worth telling. I want to use my opportunity to capture my piece of the present, make it history and share it with the world.

As much as I know – I taught myself through the internet, and trial and fail, of course, starting in the Autumn of 2014. So in my blog section I will try to share as much as I can – whenever I can, since photography is not my source of income. In case this changes, I would love to maintain the website more lively and devote more time to share my experiences on a daily and weekly basis.

Until then, my gallery will be continuously updated with new glances. In my experience, shooting people is fairly harder than any other subject, so my gallery is mainly categorized as People or Things.